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Quality laundry service over anything!

Cleaning is made easy with Cleanz24.
Never worry about laundry services for your business. 

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We offer laundry, dry cleaning and steam ironing at a schedule that fits your requirement.

Fast • Clean • Convenient

Get laundry delivered within 24hrs

Bag up all your dirty laundry

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We pick up your clothes at the scheduled time

Step 2

Your clothes are spotlessly cleaned

Step 3

We deliver clean & deliver your laundry while you relax

Step 4

  • On-Time and Free Pickup & Delivery
  • Value for Money
  • 100% Quality Guaranteed
  • Easy to Tie-up & avail of best services
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Real-time order updates
  • Cashless payments
  • Give guests a better experience

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