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After witnessing the immense appreciation and commendable response, Cleanz24 is now moving ahead with the plan of expanding its presence pan India via the franchise path.

Why we started?

How We Are Different?

Demand Aggregation

  • Aggregate Demand Through Mobile App

  • Collaborate With Hostels, Hotels & Hospitals Etc..

  • Have Dhobis As Affiliates / Demand Catalysts

Higher Revenue

  • Spare Capacity

  • Aggregation Of Existing Launderers.

  • Expand Brand Presence

  • Through Offline Stores (Coco-Foco)

Convenient & Cost Effective

  • Effective Pick Up & Drop Off Facility

Service Quality

  • Use Our Own Private Label Cleaning Solutions To Standardize And Ensure Quality


  • Hostels, Hotels, Hospitals.

  • Direct customers from our retail outlets.

  • Direct customers from App.

  • Aggregation of loads from existing mom-pop stores.

Attractive ROI

Franchise-friendly Business Model

Operational Support by brand

Highly-scalable Business Plan

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